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UK SpaceClaim Conference

We at Eng-IT and SpaceClaim would like to invite you to the very first SpaceClaim user conference held in Oxford on Thursday 27th October. There will be a number of speakers showing you how to design, construct and automate processes with SpaceClaim to maximise your usage and save even more time and money.
At the conference areas that will be covered are:

SpaceClaim : There will be a product expert from the US who will offer the latest news and enhancements and provide productivity tips and tricks.

STL Prep : Prep your models for 3D printing/ Additive Manufacturing

KeyShot : Bring your models to life with photo-realistic renderings.

Algoryx :  Providing cutting edge multi-body physics simulation capabilities.

YaPDM : A new PLM solution for SpaceClaim and other 3-D CAD tools

Hipp : Integrated Scan capabilities 

Reverse Engineering : Overview on going from Scan/Mesh to CAD within SpaceClaim.

Essentials For SpaceClaim :
Automation tools for production, dxf files, drawings etc.

Limitstate : FORM provides a fast and highly effective way for engineers to develop lighter, more efficient, designs for components and structures. 

Food and Refreshments 

Lunch and Refreshments will be provided 

The Venue

The Venue will be the Ansys offices at Milton Park

Milton Park
97 Jubilee Ave
OX14 4RW

Opening Hours

Thursday 27th October 10:00am - 4:00pm

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