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Case Studies

AgileCine Engineering inc.

"In the early days of our design work, we used a lower-cost software package that provided much of the initial design structure we needed. However, the software crippled us every time we needed to make changes on complex parts— often requiring a start from scratch as the only option. With Space Claim, we design, test and modify without end. We think that working with Space Claim is a bit like working with clay that never hardens." ... Read More ›
- Daniel Zatz

Physical Digital

"We were awarded a project that was substantial enough and easy enough to look at doing the work ourselves and in doing that work, SpaceClaim paid for itself. That was a big advantage. It was literally overnight." "SpaceClaim is great for what we do. Reverse engineering has become 40 percent of our revenue."... Read More ›
— Daniel Lainchbury,
senior applications engineer, Physical Digital