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solidThinking INSPIRE - Topology Optimisation Software

Inspire created by design software firm solidThinking is software that allows design engineers, product designers and architects to create and investigate structurally efficient concepts quickly and easily. Traditional structural simulations allow engineers to check if a design will support the required loads. Inspire enhances this process by generating a new material layout within a package space using the loads as an input.

The software is easy to learn and works with existing CAD tools to help design structural parts right the first time, reducing costs, development time, material consumption, and product weight.

Today's Engineering Challenge is to extend the value of 3D to everyday engineering communications


How it Works?

1. Inspire allows users to sketch 2D profiles which can be pulled into 3D solids, it also allows you to import CAD models from your CAD software. All major CAD packages are supported.
2. Select a part you wish to be optimized by making it the 'Design Space' this represents the maximum volume a part can occupy. The 'Design Space' is assigned materials and loading conditions. The loading conditions are defined as forces, pressures, torques and supports to hold the part.
3. Optimize your 'Design Space' using topology optimization to investigate structurally efficient concepts. Topology optimization is a mathematical method that generates the ideal material layout while also reducing local stresses and maintaining structural stiffness for the design.
4. Control the result- After initial optimization, manufacturing and shape controls can be applied to the geometry to affect the topology result
5. Export your design file which can then be imported in your CAD package to be refined or reverse engineered. By generating the optimal Design geometry in Inspire, design cycle time is vastly reduced.

New 2018 Features:

  • Generate optimized lattice and mixed solid - lattice structures, visualize simulation results in 3D, and export lattice designs in a .stl file format for 3D printing.
  • View and interactively assign loads to load cases and import / export design loads in .csv file format with the new Load Cases Table.
  • Design for additive manufacturing with overhang shape controls to help reduce overhangs to create more self-supporting structures.
  • Automatically optimize the fit of PolyNURBS CAD geometry to generative design results with the new PolyNURBS Fit Tool.
  • And many more please call or email to find out more or Request A Trial.

These are just a brief outline of the many features. Watch the video and then call
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