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SpaceClaim Dynamics - 3D Direct Modelling technology

Dynamics for Spaceclaim is a fully integrated add-in that extends the functionality of SpaceClaim with motion dynamics for multibody systems with joints, frictional contacts and analysis, driven by the physics engine AgX Dynamics.

With Luxion KeyShot present, Dynamics for Spaceclaim can feed KeyShot with simulation data for the production of photo-realistic physics-based images and videos. -Dynamics for SpaceClaim brings life to your 3D-models.

Traditional engineering Development and virtual Verification relies heavily on the engineer's intrinsic perception and experience of the engineering system at hand. Verifying a design solution typically requires that engineers anticipate all potential design flaws, and investigate them specifically and actively.


Dynamics for SpaceClaim can change this. This tool simulates engineering designs as a whole, and as they are actually designed - contacts, redundant constraints and all.

Our users discover design flaws and possibilities that they never would have thought of themselves, as a natural consequence of using the software. Also, they can explore their Dynamics for SpaceClaim prototypes in greater detail than they ever would a physical prototype.

Immediate response to the actual 3D design of the entire assembly, and superior motion dynamics capabilities, makes this tool easy to use and incredibly cost-eective.

Take a look at the features:

  • Motion dynamics for jointed multibody systems
  • Joints are automatically detected from CAD geometry
  • Dynamic contacts with dry and viscous friction
  • Contacts are automatically detected in realtime from CAD geometry
  • Highly parallelized with the fastest high precision solvers in the market
  • Easy to learn and use. Get started in 15 minutes!

These are just a brief outline of the many features. Watch the video and then call
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