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Bespoke Onsite Training

Eng-IT offers training for our products from beginner to advanced. This training can be tailored to your own needs using your own data. For More information on prices and the structure of training please call 03333 440 880 or email us at info@eng-it.co.uk.

Training Videos

Below are the links for a range of videos. Click - watch - learn

SpaceClaim- Creating Drawing Sheets / Formats 

SpaceClaim - Projecting Text onto a curved surface. Embossing and Engraving

SpaceClaim - Orient an Object/Component - Creating Custom Views  

When you invest in a product with Eng-IT it includes your first 12 months software and support.

Here’s what this entitles you to is:-

  • New versions of the software and updates released within that 12 months.
  • Phone, email and web based support direct with the eng-IT support team.
  • If you are an eng-IT customer and have a technical query please contact us on support@eng-it.co.uk

This just a brief outline of the comprehensive support & training we provide. Any questions you may have, then please call 03333 440 880