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3D Engineering Software Applications

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At Eng-IT we are 100% focused on the sale and support of engineering software applications that make a real, and demonstrable difference to a company's workflow and output, and this certainly applies to our flagship 3D CAD Solution - SpaceClaim Engineer

Eng-IT Products, Experience & Support

  • Create, edit and repair 3D geometry 2-10x faster with Ansys SpaceClaim with ease of use and versatility
  • Quickly prepare geometry for 3D printing with SpaceClaim's STL Prep Module with tools to repair and modify mesh data
  • Impress clients with Keyshot, Drag and drop pre-set materials, backgrounds and lighting for photo-realistsic renders
  • Test your designs with Dynamics For SpaceClaim by Algoryx, Apply dynamic algorithms in a few clicks, simulate designs in real time with modifications reflecting behavioural feedback

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