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Ansys Discovery is the first simulation-driven design tool to combine instant physics simulation (GPU), proven Ansys high-fidelity simulation (CPU) and interactive geometry modelling in a single user experience. Leveraging the all-new Discovery early in your product design processes will drive substantial gains in engineering productivity, spur innovation and increase your product’s overall performance.

This video has been deleted.

''Today's Engineering Challenge is to extend the value of 3D to everyday engineering communications''

Simulation – once the realm of specialised experts – has just been re-invented. Discovery - an affordable solution for every Engineer to easily create or import geometry, and instantly see how their product behaves and performs.

Watch this video to see how easy-to-access real-time interactive physics
(structures, fluids, thermal and mass optimisation) enable you to explore ideas, iterate and innovate with unprecedented speed and dramatically reduce product development time.

This video has been deleted.

Capabilities :

  • Structural Analysis
    See instant stress distribution data regardless of model complexity. Use the Ansys Mechanical solver to simulate nonlinear effects and add local refinement for increased accuracy and control.

  • Fluid Analysis
    Instantly find flow trends, while updating input parameters or making geometry updates, and see Ansys Discovery’s instant feedback of your design’s performance. Use the Ansys Fluent solver for detailed high-fidelity studies of complex geometries and fluid behaviours.

  • Topology Optimization
    Unlock the potential of generative design utilizing topology optimization including manufacturing constraints and optimization of resonant frequency.

  • Thermal Analysis
    Instantly evaluate how changes to thermal inputs, materials and cooling conditions will affect the thermal performance of your design.

  • Geometry Modelling
    Discovery’s modelling technology and versatile toolset enables you to easily create and modify imported geometry without the complexity associated with traditional CAD systems. Full modelling capabilities allow users to prep models for any type of simulation or make edit models to optimize your simulation.

  • Modal Analysis
    Observe different modes of vibration, make changes to geometry and instantly evaluate performance.


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