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Concept Design

Ansys SpaceClaim frees users from the constraints of history-based concept modelling, allowing them to focus on the creative process, and not on the technology.  Decrease your time-to-market by 30% or more, and increase iterations by four to five times in the same time period during concept phase with Ansys SpaceClaim.

Watch the videos to find out:

  • Why SpaceClaim is ideal for early concept design and development

  • Understand the value of non-history based CAD

  • How to create new concept models quickly and easily that you can share with your customers, R&D engineers, CAE analysts, manufacturing, and the CAD team

Concept Modeling:

SpaceClaim enables you to easily visualize, communicate, and evaluate designs in 3D in order to achieve new levels of innovation through product design and development. Whether a non-CAD expert or seasoned CAD professional, the SpaceClaim user interface allows you to refine and optimize concept models before locking down the design in a traditional CAD package.

While traditional/history based modeling tools are important to ensure successful production, the constraints used in these tools become troublesome for the initial concept design phase of product development. SpaceClaim frees you from the constraints of history-based concept modeling, allowing you to focus on the creative process and not on the technology. With an expanded use of 3D in this early modeling phase as well as throughout the entire product design and development workflow, you can increase your innovative ideas while also increasing productivity.

Key features of using SpaceClaim for design include:

  • Full part and assembly modeling

  • Detailed drawings including full 2D/3D GD&T

  • Photorealistic rendering capabilities with Keyshot

  • Open/edit files from neutral and native CAD systems

  • Complete help guide and tutorials for a rapid start

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