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Algoryx Momentum - Motion Dynamics for SpaceClaim

Designer-focused motion-dynamics system

To create great products with complex mechanical systems requires the designer to verify and visualise the form, function and performance of the dynamical behaviour. Algoryx Momentum allows the motion of large real-world geometry to be rapidly simulated and interrogated, within SpaceClaim’s easy-to-access, fast conceptual design system.

Algoryx Momentum

Algoryx Momentum

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Assembly bodies can be interconnected using all the joints and 3D contacts that define your engineering solution. Even redundant constraints can be managed, which is necessary to capture many real-world characteristics.

To describe the specific behaviour of the joints, properties such as stiffness, damping, and friction are defined as well as motors and controllers; and within seconds the motion of the multibody system can be simulated, analysed, and optimised the way it actually is designed.

A powerful constraint detection tool automatically adds physical joints to your model as implied by the geometry. Accurate 3D contact detection is fully automated and then used by the physics engine to get correct contact forces to maintain non-penetration conditions.


And for those of you who like to push things further… Python scripting is imbedded so that you can express novel physical concepts, develop control systems and further grow your team’s competitive advantage.


Want to find out more or have a demo of Momentum use the link below to contact us now.


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