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CAD for Manufacturing Engineers

SpaceClaim enables manufacturing engineers and machinists the flexibility to work with any CAD data to edit and prepare models for manufacturing. No other tool is faster to use and does a better job editing geometry, cleaning up corrupt or difficult CAD data, and quickly designing jigs and fixtures. SpaceClaim is the only solution on the market today that helps machinists complete jobs quickly while minimizing downtime on the shop floor.

More Than Jig and Fixture Design | Functionality for Machining Prep

  • Open and edit parts from any CAD system

  • Edit designs and prepare them for manufacturing no matter where the model was created

  • Convert DXF/DWG files into 3D data easily

  • Jig and fixture design and edit

  • Remove or adjust rounds and chamfers, hole sizes, face offsets, draft angles, and other geometry with no knowledge of how the model was built

  • Easily extract surfaces for contour machining

  • Easily create hole tables to successfully communicate location and size

  • Quickly grab standard parts from our integrated Traceparts or Cadenas libraries

  • Leverage SpaceClaim's strategic partnerships with CAM providers like Mastercam, GibbsCAM, Espirit, MecSoft Corporation, and SigmaTEK to ensure alignment across software solutions

Benefits of SpaceClaim for Machinists

  • More flexibility to expand your business

  • Increased productivity with fixing dirty geometry

  • Improved time to machine and faster fixture and tooling design = less downtime on the shop floor

  • Train in days instead of weeks. Don't need to spend majority of time relearning complicated software every time you want to use it

  • Win more bids by responding to RFPs more quickly and accurately

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