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Sheet Metal

It's unusual to find a sub-contract sheet metal fabrication company that does not already have some kind of CAD capability.

For them to be interested in SpaceClaim, they have to be convinced that SpaceClaim can deliver incremental value and functionality.  Areas where we know, and our customers in Sheet Metal Fabrication tell us that SpaceClaim scores are:-

• Ease of use - SpaceClaim requires minimal training (typically 1 day)
• Modest hardware - SpaceClaim will operate perfectly well on a sub £800.00 PC
• Speed in estimating - SpaceClaim's ease of use and it's ability to import,  flat pattern any customer geometry and extract the data to generate a accurate quote in minutes as opposed to hours and days is winning them more business in the competitive World of sub-contract sheet metal manufacture.
• Manufacturing - SpaceClaim - very quickly prepares accurate flat pattern geometry in .dxf format  for programming/manufacture. It will import any CAD file.
• Cost of ownership - We have the lowest initial and ongoing cost of ownership of any comparable CAD system

This video has been deleted.
This video has been deleted.

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