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Reverse Engineering

Any scan data or STL File can be rapidly converted to a CAD format leveraging Ansys SpaceClaim’s intuitive tools to quickly convert any faceted data to surfaces or solids for downstream use.

The term reverse engineering covers a multitude of disciplines, for example:-

  • converting 3D scan data back to a CAD model - prismatic and/or free-form in shape.

  • recreating a 3D CAD model from physical measurements taken off a object

  • converting a 2D drawing to a 3D model

SpaceClaim has all these covered and more... and, don't forget with SpaceClaim you get a full blown multi-featured CAD tool, all at a fraction of the cost of dedicated Reverse Engineering software (e.g. Geomagic, Polyworks), and you'll be productive in hours not days/weeks !!!

Why SpaceClaim For Reverse Engineering?

  • Low cost of ownership in comparison to competitor products (Geomagic, Polyworks)

  • Short learning curve - Days rather than weeks of traditional systems.

  • Ability to handle large datasets (Traditional CAD systems suffer here)

  • Tools specific for Reverse Engineering; Autoskin , Extract curves, Fit Surface, Vectorise Image

  • Abilty to manipulate the mesh data; Shrinkwrap , Repair , Thicken, Merge, Smooth and many more.

Reverse Engineering With Ansys SpaceClaim

Reverse Engineering With Ansys SpaceClaim

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One Click Reverse Engineering Ansys SpaceClaim

One Click Reverse Engineering Ansys SpaceClaim

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