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Model Prep / Analysis

Ansys SpaceClaim’s 3D modelling software solution speeds up time to analysis by putting analysts in control of geometry, thereby removing the CAD bottleneck.

Before SpaceClaim, CAE users were forced to use CAD tools designed for CAD specialists or ask the CAD team to create or simplify models for them. The result: wasted time and energy. All too often, engineers wouldn’t be able to perform simulation until after the detailed models were complete, causing unnecessary compromises and time-consuming changes late in the process.

Benefits of SpaceClaim for Modeling and Simulation

  • Support and enable simulation-driven design initiatives

  • Empower CAE analysts to work in 3D while keeping the CAD team focused on detailed design

  • Optimize the value stream between detailed design and CAE work groups

  • Increase early phase CAE capacity to address innovation initiatives

  • Eliminate waste and get higher-quality products to market faster

  • Strong ROI (return on investment) with very fast pay back

  • Save days or weeks by removing CAD bottlenecks in the CAE workflow

Ansys SpaceClaim for Structural Analysis

Ansys SpaceClaim for Structural Analysis

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Ansys SpaceClaim for CFD Engineers

Ansys SpaceClaim for CFD Engineers

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