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ANSYS SpaceClaim & NCGCAM - Increasing Productivity & Reducing Costs - 02/05/2019 - Coventry, UK

Increasing Productivity & Reducing Costs | May 2019

• Working with complex 3D Parts? • Interested to Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs? • Looking for Fast, Reliable, Easy to Use Software with Perpetual Licensing?


Ansys SpaceClaim – Powerful, fast, easy to use Direct Modelling Software. A versatile 3D geometry system that tackles Manufacturing Engineers geometry issues more effectively than traditional CAD solutions. 

NCG CAM – Powerful, fast, easy to use 3D CAM Software. Provides optimised toolpaths for HSM machining, whilst increasing efficiency, reducing wear on the machine tool and extending tooling life.

DMG MORI – Talk & tour of the DMG MORI Technical Centre to find out about the latest and most efficient machine tools available. 

Haimer – Demonstrating Haimer’s comprehensive range of balanced tool holders and solid carbide cutting tools for the Mould Tool and Die sector. The TD Comfort balancing machine and The Power Clamp Comfort NG Tool shrink machine will also be available for demonstrations. 

CGTech VERICUT – Showcasing their verification software package specifically tailored for the mould, tool & die sector.

Why Should You Attend?

Live machining will run throughout the day on a DMG MORI, demonstrating the speed and high quality finish that can be achieved with the new tooling range from Haimer and NCG CAM software. All software demonstrated at this event is sold as Perpetual Licenses, saving you £££’s each year when compared to ongoing Annual Subscription costs. This event is free to attend, with lunch and refreshments provided. 


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