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for Reverse Engineering

Thank You for clicking through on our Ad to find out more about SpaceClaim for Reverse Engineering.

SpaceClaim is a fast and versatile tool for creating and editing designs in 3D and it's ability to work with and handle huge mesh data sets,  (STL, OBJ etc) is second to none..

The term reverse engineering covers a multi-tude of disciplines, for example:-

  • converting 3D scan data back to a CAD model - prismatic and/or free-form in shape.

  • recreating a 3D CAD model from physical measurements taken off a object

  • converting a 2D drawing to a 3D model

SpaceClaim has all these covered and more... and, don't forget with SpaceClaim you get a full blown multi-featured CAD tool, all at a fraction of the cost of dedicated Reverse Engineering software (e.g. Geomagic, Polyworks), and you'll be productive in hours not days/weeks !!!

Take a look at the selection of videos below, some are corporate, some we have recorded ourselves throughout the course of our work.  And at anytime you can request a free trial or a bespoke demo - by clicking on the buttons.

Reverse Engineering - Overview

This corporate video gives a good overview of the breadth and flexibility of reverse engineering with SpaceClaim.

"One-Click" Reverse Engineering

Wrap a surface over a complex organic scan with a single click!

Reverse Engineering for Helmet Design

creating bespoke custom-fit helmet or helmet linings based on an individuals scan of their head - this shows the principles.

Reverse Engineering a tool

this video hows how to RE part of a tool plus 1 or 2 other features of SpaceClaim, which may be of intrest....

Creating  a sheet metal bracket to fit a scan of a automotive panel 

Another use of SpaceClaim, showing it's versatility.

2D - Reverse Engineering

This video shows an example of how a 2D image (gif,tiff, jpg, png etc) can be reverse engineered into 3D


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