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7 Reasons to Upgrade your SpaceClaim License

This video has been deleted.

In the video above you will see 7 reasons to upgrade your SpaceClaim license to the latest version. See below enhanced features in the latest release.

    1.Design ​

  • Advanced rendering mode and new mirror functionality ​

  • Sketch Based Constraints and block recording. Track changes and replay model​

  • Increased CAD import functionality for no additional cost - Solidworks, Catia, Inventor and more.

    2. Sheet Metal

  • 2D unfold improvements

  • Additional Edge options

  • Lightweight text in layers

   3. Additive Manufacturing

  • Facets Module now inclusive in the core package!

  • Internal Lattice creation

  • Lightweight reduce material

  • Useful for reverse engineering and creating group selections

    4.Reverse Engineering

  • Auto Skin provides CAD data from open or closed faceted data

  • Merge Prismatic and organic data to create hybrid CAD models

    5. Analysis/Simulation

  • Quick prep of models for Analysis

  • Discovery Analysis tool built on the SpaceClaim UI 

  • GPU and CPU analysis (Note additional paid for module with attractive offers for SpaceClaim users)

    6. Algoryx Momentum (Motion Dynamics)

  • Show how your product would work in real world environments

    7. ANSYS app store

  • Free add ons such as SpaceClaim Toolbox for inserting standard parts such as nuts, bolts and beam profiles


Get in touch to find out more about the above and the upgrade path available to you. 


For more information

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