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With a 30+ year history of selling and supporting a variety of CAD/CAM applications, at Eng IT we genuinely believe SpaceClaim is the fastest and most versatile tool for creating and editing designs in 3D.

The menu to the right has quick links to a selection of videos, intended to show how SpaceClaim functionality can address a variety of design applications.  If your interest isn’t covered then please contact us, and we can quickly determine if SpaceClaim is relevant, record a video and/or provide a demo.  The majority of videos have been recorded by ourselves throughout the course of our work, and a few are corporate/promo videos from Ansys.   For a 15 day trial of SpaceClaim and/or a personalised web demonstration - please use the relevant buttons.

SpaceClaim Background

With it’s origins in the Boston MIT, the first commercial release of SpaceClaim was in 2008, thus it is a very mature and stable solution.  SpaceClaim’s USP is direct modelling.  There are several solutions that deploy the straight forward Direct Modelling approach to CAD (e.g. Co-Create, Creo Elements) and SpaceClaim leads the way.  

With SpaceClaim it does not matter whether you create geometry from scratch or import CAD geometry, it treats it the same and you continue to edit/add to it for your own purposes.  Thus for a “manufacture to order” business – SpaceClaim is a perfect fit.  In 2016 SpaceClaim Corporation was acquired by Ansys, who  continue to drive this great solution forward. 

Concept Design

SpaceClaim a fast and versatile tool to create 3D geometry - go 5 - 10 times quicker!


Reverse Engineering

SpaceClaim's ability to handle scan data (STL, OBJ etc) and take it back to CAD is superb.  It has Reverse Engineering functionality that rivals and exceeds many dedicated RE tools, and together with all it's additional CAD functionality makes this an incredible value application.


Sheet Metal Design/Manufacture

SpaceClaim a best-in-class tool (SpaceClaim is licensed by Trumpf in their TruTops Boost application)  for designing sheet metal parts/assemblies. But equally importantly for the sheet metal manufacturers who quickly needs to sort out customer geometry and generate a flat pattern for manufacture or quoting.


3D Printing/Additive Manufacture

SpaceClaim has great functionality to prepare geometry for efficient 3D printing.  Including a vast array of support structures for strength and efficient material usage.  Comprehesive mesh modelling, shrinkwrapping, overhang detection etc...


Value Engineering - Review and Modify

SpaceClaim is the ideal tool for the design review and modification process.  The functionality in this fairly old video, still holds true and illustrates how quick and easy 3 parts from dissimilar systems can be re-engineered into a single new part design.


Jig & Fixture Design

If you work in manufacturing, and need to design jigs, fixtures for holding, inspection or other purposes - then there is no better tool for this purpose. SpaceClaim really lends itself to the occasional user - you don't need to be using it 6+ hours a day to be productive.


CAD Translation and Repair

Reading/Writing CAD data from/to different CAD systems is often problematic.  SpaceClaim has superb CAD data translation capability between all common CAD systems - including a batch translator.  If imported data has corruption or missing faces - then this can easily be fixed.  SpaceClaim is often bought for this purpose alone - and can save 100's of hours of work.


CAD for Machinists

In a CNC environment, the CAD data you receive will typically be the finished design.  And you often need to edit/modify this for your own purposes.  SpaceClaim is perfect for this - add material back for stock allowance, create holding jigs/fixtures, hole tables and much more with ease...... 

Process Planning

For a production engineer who needs to document the production steps and create stage models - then SpaceClaim has some neat features - this video shows how.


Composite Tooling

Layup mould/tooling and calculating the 2D drape pattern are easily done with SpaceClaim.

Pattern Making/Core & Cavity Tooling

This video shows how the internal core geometry is easily extracted from a part, and the pattern (core + part) are easily created.  The pattern is then used to create the cavity within a tool, using "measure draft" to identify the split face. 


EDM Electrode Modelling

This is an old video - but it still valid and shows some neat functionality for modelling a small electrode in the context of the part it has to spark out.

2D drawing to 3D model

The first video here shows how you can easily created a 3D model from a 2D .dxf drawing of the component.   The 2nd video here shows how SpaceClaim can reverse engineer a 2D image back into 3D geometry.


ElectroMechanical Design

SpaceClaim is perfect for design mechanical components, enclosures etc around a PCB board layout.  This video shows how.

NB: Are you using/familiar with RS DesignSpark Mechanical?   SpaceClaim is it's fully functional, un-restricted "big brother".


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